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Home | About/Contact | Admin enables Political campaigns, Non-profits, Issue Advocates, Fundraisers, and all manner of Grassroots organizers to
  • Connect both active and less active members of your communities to each other and to new members,
  • Collaborate with Partner organizations and Coalition members in a common mission, and to
  • Unite your communities for more powerful, direct and coordinated action.
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Important components which make OnlinePhoneBanking work.

Project - most easily referenced as everything under, usually election specific, and can have multiple affiliated groups, called 'Partners', working through the same campaigns/surveys/voterdatafiles.

Partners - related groups that help you with a project. Each partner has its own unique url to track their progress (such as[accesscode] or[accesscode]), and can be assigned any subset (called 'Campaigns') of your project by the admin. Partners can of course be asked to split your costs.

Campaigns - a combination of a survey+voterdata file, assigned by the admin. Each campaign has only one of each, but a partner or project can have multiple campaigns.

Surveys - the web-front-end survey of database-drawn questions and answers, linked to a voterdata files in an aggregate called a 'Campaign'. One survey process one voterdatafile at a time, but the same survey can process a different voterdatafile, which is called a different campaign. Therefore, the same questions can be asked of different data segments.

Voterdata file - the raw data which is processed according to a Survey.


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